guy moore demonstrating lampwork glassblowing at the cornbury music festival


Ye Pellucid Wares’  website is dedicated to the handblown  lampworked glass made entirely by Guy Moore.    Please discover within  the magical nature of his glass – where often the results  are like soap bubbles frozen in time.

Glass is an amazing industrial material. One can do almost anything with it – given sufficient monies,   lots of helpful tools and specialized pieces of equipment.


Guy however makes use of as few tools as possible.

Following loosely a creed of an early mentor who once said:

“Don’t let your art be so complicated to create you can’t do it all out of the back of a pickup truck! ” – Robert Crawford

A Lampworker whose entire studio will almost fit in that truck!

  • Guy Moore is a VERY proud user of Trautman Art Glass (TAG), when he doesn’t hand batch  his own.
    •  Many of the unique color effects are uniquely due to the way pieces are only  flame annealed.

And,  its all done with:

  • No lathe
  • No rollers
  • No kiln

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– ghmii